Carn Brea - Reception, Miss Berry 2022/23

Welcome to Carn Brea Class!
Have a look below at all the amazing things we have been getting up to.
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June - Train Ride to Long Rock

Last week, children in Carn Brea were invited to and explore the train depot in Long Rock. We had an amazing time looking around at the different trains. We even got to go inside a sleeper train and explore the cabins. Then we went inside an old carriage and found a train set, a train in a train! Next we went inside an engine and tooted the horn which was fun. We went inside the sheds and saw some engines being fixed and even got to look inside an engine. We loved wearing our bump hats and were so happy to receive safety certificates at the end. Thank you so much to Stuart and Cath for showing us around. After lunch we went to Long Rock beach before returning to school.
This really helped bring our learning alive for our On the Move topic!

June - Carn Brea Class Visitor

Carn Brea class have been learning about letters this week. We started the week by reading the Jolly Postman and then wrote our own letters to our friends. We were then lucky enough to meet a real postman who came in to talk to us all about what happens to a letter once you post it and how important the address and stamp are. He then gave us our own stamps, so we decided to write our own important letters home to invite our Dads into school for a father's day treat. We will be walking to the post box to post these letters on Monday and we are very excited to see them delivered to our homes once they have finished their journey.

May - Right to a Voice - Article 12
Carn Brea class lived out their right to a voice, one of school chosen rights from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, by writing a class letter to Mrs Bailey to request to go to the beach to support their topic learning. See the letter and the reply below.
May - Celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla

Coronation Celebrations – see video below

On Friday 5th May we marked the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. We began the day with a whole school assembly learning about the history and pageantry of the coronation and how people celebrate significant events. Each class then spent the morning learning about British Values and creating food to share with the school in the afternoon picnic.

We were delighted to welcome Les Ladner, former pupil, back into Penponds to talk to each class about his experience of the late Queen's coronation in 1953, where he shared photographs too. We enjoyed a delicious picnic outside together.

At the end the day we held our usual celebration assembly which also include a fancy dress pageant where Jasper was chosen as the winner. 

In 1953, during the Penponds pageant, Les's role was a servant. So we felt this time around Les should be crowned as King of Penponds. He was crowned on a Cornish tartan throne with crown, sceptre and orb.  

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April - Cornwall my Home
What an amazing start to the summer term?! On Tuesday we had a day to celebrate our Cornish Heritage in preparation for Trevithick Day, and what better way to do so than to focus the day on the song ‘Cornwall my Home’ written by Harry Glasson. For more information about this incredible day, please click on the link. 
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March - Open Afternoon for Parents 

The parents and grandparents of Carn Brea class were invited in this afternoon to be treated to a little performance from their children. After, the children enjoyed showing off the learning in their books and showing their adults around their classroom. It was so lovely to see the children confidently talking about what they have been doing all term. What a nice way to end our topic?!

March - Carn Brea and Godolphin Class Trip to Camborne Library

Carn Brea and Godolphin visited Camborne Library. We had a wonderful afternoon learning about the library and what it has to offer as well as discussing signs of spring and making posies and bumble bee hats. We also had the opportunity to explore a huge range of different books. It was a great addition to our science learning this term. 

March - The Ugly Bug Ball 
The Children in Carn Brea class enjoyed celebrating the end of our ‘Let’s Crawl’ topic with an ugly bug ball. They came dressed as their favourite mini beast and we danced the morning away to some of our favourite insect songs. We played games and learned a few new rhymes. We have loved this topic and have learned so much about all the different creatures. 



March - Caterpillars

Carn Brea have been lucky enough to get another class pet. We Have welcomed 5 tiny caterpillars into our classroom and have been enjoying watching them eat and grow. They have already doubled in size in one week! We have made a poster to tell people to be careful with them and we love to check up on them through the day. We have also been making them lots of caterpillar crafts in our rainbow challenges this week. We can’t wait to see what happens to them next. 

March - Visitor in Carn Brea Class

Following on from our visit from baby Bertie, Carn Brea had a visit from a toddler, Orlo, who came to play with us this week. He showed us the things he could do and we discussed how much toddlers can do compared to babies. We then talked about our own journeys from being a baby to now and even thought about what we might be like when we grow up. Thank you to Orlo and his dad for coming in to tell us all about the toddler stage of life. 

February - Newquay Zoo 

We were lucky enough to go on a whole school trip to Newquay Zoo. We were kindly gifted free entrance as part of Paignton Zoo’s 100th birthday celebrations. The children (and animals) were so well behaved and we were treated to lots of amazing spectacles. It was so amazing to see all the different family groups and dynamics and continue our exploration of our amazing world. Thanks Newquay zoo. 

February - Get ready for World Book Day!
We love reading at Penponds! 
As we get ready to celebrate World Book Day 2023, every night leading up to the big day , we will be sharing a bedtime book virtually. These videos will be posted on Facebook, here on our website and on Class Dojo to enjoy at home.
Visit our reading page to see the videos each night here

February - Special Visitor – Baby Bertie

Baby Bertie came to visit us this week to help us learn all about babies as part of our learning about the human life cycle. We asked lots of questions about how to care for him and the things he needs and can do. Claire let us help get him dressed, change his nappy and play with him. Before he went we even got to give him a cuddle. Bertie is such a lovely baby and we all wanted to keep him in Carn Brea class. We can’t wait to meet a toddler next and see the next stage of development. 

February- Visit from Chartwells – School Lunch Provider

Karen from Chartwells taught us all about healthy eating this week in Carn Brea class. We spoke all about eating healthy foods and how much we should have each day. Then we made a beautifully coloured caterpillar out of yummy fruits, vegetables and herbs and ate them all up. We got to try lots of new flavours and spoke all about our likes and dislikes. 

February - School Councillors

On Monday 27th February our School Councillors met with Les who was a pupil at Penponds in 1953 for the coronation of Elizabeth ll. Our School Councillors asked Les lots of questions to find out about how Penponds School celebrated the coronation so that we can celebrate in similar way for King Charles lll's coronation in May. It was really enjoyable to chat with Les and we even managed to look at some really old photographs and squeeze some football chat in too! Thank you so much to Les for giving up his time to come into school to chat with us.

February - NSPCC Number Day
Penponds marked NSPCC Number Day with a relaunch of Times Table Rockstars! Children came to school dressed as a Rockstar and took part in the national TimesTable competition. Some of our younger children cam e dressed in with numbers, shapes and patterns too. We had a great day of Maths fun, all raising money for a worthy cause.


Carn Brea Class have been learning all about what plants need to survive. We explored the spring flowers coming up all around us and after discovering that plants need sunlight, soil, carbon dioxide and water to grow, we decided to conduct a little experiment. We investigated  what happened to plants when they didn’t get one or more of the things they need. So we put two plants in the dark, and only gave one water, then two plants in sunlight and only gave one water. We are excited to find out what will happen over the next few weeks. The children also predicted what they think might happen. Finally we had a lovely discussion about how it made us feel to deliberately not give the plants The things they need. We decided that because plants couldn’t feel pain it was ok, but that we would keep an eye on the plants and not let them die completely. What a kind, caring and conscientious class! 


January 2023 – New Focus Book: The Snail and the Whale

In Carn Brea the children have started to learn our new class focus book, The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. They have been role-playing the story using the characters and the props and they already know the sequence of the story and lots of the story language.

January 2023 - New Topic: Let's Crawl

In Carn Brea the children have helped to design their new topic. It is called ‘Let’s Crawl’. We all sat together and wrote down all the things we would like to do and learn about and the places we would like to visit. The children decided they would like to explore lots of minibeasts, so we have made a minibeasts laboratory. In order to find the minibeasts we are also in the process of making a forest, although it only has one tree at the moment and is still minus the mud (due any day now).  The children love searching in the forest, then taking their findings to the laboratory to explore. We can’t wait to hatch and release butterflies later in the year and learn all about habitats and life cycles. 


End of Autumn Term - Topic Celebration Flipbook - Superheroes Assemble!

December 2022 - Christmas Parties

Carn Brea and Godolphin have joined forces this week for lots of Christmas fun! All Classes had a great time!

December 2022 - Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner was a family affair this year. We managed to get all of the children into the hall at the same time to eat together (and the staff too!). We listened and sang along to some festive favourites, pulled crackers and had a lovely time. We are very thankful to our relief cook Victoria who has ensured our kitchen has remained open this week as our usual cook has not been in work. Without her there would have been no Christmas Dinner - so thank you Victoria!

December 2022 - Special Visitor in School

We had a very special visit in school this week from Father Christmas!

All children received a book from the Big Man himself. Children were very polite receiving their gifts and asked some great questions too. For those children that have been poorly and not in school, don't worry, your gift is being safely looked after and will be here ready and waiting when you return.

December 2022 - Experience Christmas 

Although the weather stopped us from visiting Penponds church for the Christmas experience on Monday, the church came to us! Thank you to the volunteers that changed their plans last minute to come to school and hold the workshops in the hall. The children had a wonderful time!

Decemnber 2022 - North Pole Challenge

Penponds School have been clocking up the miles toward the Trust-wide mission to achieve 4,237 miles from the MAT Central Office to the North Pole.  Today the children and staff walked or ran around the field in their Christmas hats in the sunshine and blue sky.  In the course of the week we have achieved 309 miles!

December 2022 - Christmas with the Aliens performance

Godolphin and Carn Brea classes have had a fantastic week entertaining staff, governors, parents and families with their Christmas with the Aliens performances.  A huge well done to all the children and staff!

December 2022 - Camborne Lantern Parade
The Penponds School Community were proud to be part of the Camborne Lantern Parade last Friday with our beautiful swan lantern taking centre stage! All the children carried their individual lanterns as well that they had made in school especially.
December 2022 - Christmas Tree Advent Assembly
On Thursday this week the children each brought in a home-made decoration to hang on the school Christmas tree during our Advent assembly. It looks very beautiful.
December 2022 - Carn Brea Class Super Hero Day
Carn Brea class Superhero Day has been eventful! We have certainly put our superhero powers to the test! While we were watching a superhero movie with popcorn we received a letter from Buzz Lightyear...Mrs Bailey had been captured by the Evil Pea and we had to overcome lots of obstacles and traps to save her. We worked as a team and saved her just in time by solving a mathematical clue. She was very grateful!

November 2022 - Carn Brea Class visit to Tolvaddon Fire Station

Today the Carn Brea children visited Tolvaddon fire station. They were given tour of the station and the fire engine. They had a brilliant time and were able to ask lots of questions. Thank you to Red Watch for your time and being so kind. 

November 2022 - Ernie – Carn Brea Class

Please welcome back Ernie, Carn Brea’s class pet.  The children have enjoyed learning about caring for him and watching him explore our classroom. He is a real character and often tips himself over trying to climb.  Feel free to come say hi to him after school if the older children remember him. 

November 2022 - Visitor – Carn Brea Class

Carn Brea children enjoyed meeting PC Wood this week.  He came to tell us all about his role.  We enjoyed trying on his uniform and asking him lots of questions like, does your coat glow in the dark?  Are there any police animals?  And do you have a police monster truck?  He kindly answered them all and we even got stickers and a finger printing kit.  Just before PC Wood left we told him all about the Evil pea and how we thought he had been taking things and freezing our superheroes.  So he left us with an evidence bag to collect the evidence we find and told us he would keep an eye out!  Thanks PC Wood! 

Youth Royal British Legion Remembrance Service – Camborne Parish Church – Friday 11th November

This year our school councillors from Tregonning Class represented Penponds School at the Youth Royal British Legion Remembrance Service at Camborne Parish Church. All classes made a wreath and our councillors lay them on behalf of each class. We also made another wreath to add to our remembrance display for Queen Elizabeth II.

November 2022 - Lantern Making

This week we made lanterns in school for the Camborne Lantern Parade on Friday 25th November.  Children helped made a large lantern in the hall and their own lanterns to take along.  Parents and Grandparents enjoyed coming into school to help.  Thank you to our special visitor and expert, Amanda Lorens for coming in to help us.

October 2022 - Woodwork – Carn Brea Class

This week Carn Brea class started their woodwork. We spoke about keeping ourselves safe. We wore safety googles and learned about carefully handling the tools. We managed to pinch the nail carefully between two fingers and bang the hammer on top of the nail. We used our strength to hammer lots of nails into the wood! We can’t wait to learn more woodwork skills using screws, screwdrivers and saws. Once we have mastered these skills we will start to design and make our own structures. Great work Carn Brea!


October 2022 - Firefighter Superheroes

Thank you so much to Lee and Sandy for coming in this week to talk to Carn Brea Class about being firefighters.  The children sat so beautifully and asked some amazing questions.  We were also really lucky that they left us with some dressing up to borrow and some activities to help with our superhero topic.  What a fun morning.