Carn Brea - Reception, Miss King 2021/22

Welcome to Carn Brea Class!
Have a look below at all the amazing things we have been getting up to.
Scroll down to the bottom to find information about our curriculum. These documents can also be found on the Curriculum page.
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June - Science Workshops – Energy Live Show in school for all classes
On Tuesday 21st June, Nerys from the Royal Institution in Bristol came to Penponds School to present science shows for us. In the morning, KS1 and KS2 watched the same show (at different times) all about energy. Nerys showed us some experiments to do with different types of energy. It included: fire, magnets, explosions and very loud noises. In one experiment, Nerys turned a plastic water bottle into a rocket that launched over the room. It was very cool. After lunch, the whole school came together to watch a second show. Some parents were invited to come as well. In that show, Nerys created fire using oxygen, flour and a blow torch. Unfortunately, the fire alarm went off twice! At the end of the show, she propelled many rockets off at once – it was extremely loud! Written by Bella and Freya.
June - Developing the Rainbow Promise
School councillors from across the Rainbow schools went to a special meeting last week tasked with creating a list of 30 things you will do/experience/achieve in your time at one of our Rainbow Schools. The list was full of wonderful ideas from the children and the final article will be shared soon! Watch this space! Thank you School Councillors: Rights Ambassadors!
May - Platinum Jubilee Celebtraions
Carn Brea and Godolphin Classes Carn Brea enjoyed learning about the Queen when she was young and how she became our Queen. We also discussed the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and how it is celebrated. We made crowns and flags and each wrote a Jubilee party list. The highlight of the day was our Jubilee picnic with Godolphin class.
May - Computing
Carn Brea Class As part of computing this term, Carn Brea have been learning all about algorithms. We know that they are a set of instructions used by computers and the ‘sequence’ of them is very important. We have enjoyed exploring algorithms by completing mini mazes both ourselves and by using small world characters and by programming Bee-Bots! We have been working hard to programme Bee-Bots to move to different places on a map.


In RE this term, Carn Brea are learning about places which are special and why. We shared our own special places and we are now starting to learn about special religious places. This week we have been talking about churches. We know that churches are special to Christians. We have learnt lots of facts about churches and we know that they have stained glass windows which often show Bible stories. We practised our collage skills and made our own mini stained-glass windows to display in our classroom window! They look beautiful as the sun shines into our classroom. 

Rocksteady Music School Came to Town!  - April
We were visited on Wednesday 27th April, to be introduced to the new music lessons being offered to us at Penpond,  by Rocksteady Music School.
We learnt all about the instruments on offer to us to learn - drums, vocals, electric adn bass guitar and keyboard. We were able to have a go with the instruments and were even entertained to a live music rock concert! Within our 45 minute session, the band could already play part of a song. It was incredible!
If you would like to have Rocksteady music lessons, fill in the form sent home for the team to begin the arrangements. Lessons will be in school time on Friday afternoons. All arrangements and payments will be made directly with Rocksteady.
There are bursary and funded placements available too - so please ask us about it!
Check bags for the letter on how to sign up! Let's get music making!


We were delighted to welcome Simon Bailey, international bass-baritone opera singer (and Mrs Bailey's brother-in law) into school today. Simon spoke to children across the school about:  *alternative careers and job opportunities 

*to think outside the box

*to follow their dreams with hard work 

* live out our school vision of 'Aiming High, Achieving Our Best'. 

He shared his own journey of being a boy who grew up in musical family and the love for singing and the stage. He shared how he started out, his education and where he is now, travelling and singing across the world. 

The children also experienced live music and listened to Simon sing, He explored his use of voice and range and took questions from the children.

To find out more about Simon Bailey visit or go and see him currently performing in the Welsh National Opera tour of Don Giovanni - nearest venue to us is Plymouth Theatre Royal Don Giovanni Mozart | WNO

Rainbow Holi Red Nose and Spoon Race We were due to be fundraising like the rest of the country for Comic Relief a few weeks ago, but as so many children and staff were not able to be in school due the Covid-19 outbreak we decided to postpone it to Friday 1st April – we didn’t want so many missing the fun! It was also the Hindu festival of Holi. Many of our children have been learning about Hinduism in their RE lessons and we felt that we would try and mark both events together. Holi is the festival of love, colours and spring and it is traditionally celebrated by people getting very colourful by throwing powder paint and getting very messy and colourful! The One Show took part in the Red Nose and Spoon Race Challenge and we felt that we could do our own version in school and link it to learning about Holi too.
Carn Brea have been making mini bug hotels and we put them together to make a big Carn Brea Hotel. We all planned our bug hotels and wrote a list of the resources that we needed. We found the resources around our school and made our mini bug hotels inside toilet roll tubes. We worked together to find a special place in our outside area to put our Carn Brea Hotel. We are going to check back in a few days to see if we can find any bugs inside!
March -World Down Syndrome Day
We all wore odd socks on World Down Syndrome Day in Carn Brea Class! We had a chat about Down Syndrome which lead to lots of discussion about us all being different, we know that it is okay to be different. We were able to identify lots of differences between us. We also designed our own pair of odd socks.
New Arrivals! We have welcomed some ducklings to our school. Carn Brea and Godolphin classes are learning all about life cycles in their current topic so they have an amazing opportunity to watch a real life cycle. We popped duck eggs into an incubator and watched them hatch into ducklings. So far, we have welcomed 3 adorable little ducklings. We have named them Pancake (born on Pancake Day), Ash (born on Ash Wednesday) and Gruffalo (born on World Book Day). This has been a wonderful experience so far for Carn Brea and Godolphin children as well as all staff and children throughout the school!
We learnt about why Pancake Day is celebrated and enjoyed making and eating pancakes together, topped with lemon and sugar. In literacy we wrote a list of things that we need to make pancakes. We know that ingredients are the foods you need to make something and we know that a recipe gives us instructions for how to make something.
February 2022
It has been very eggciting in school - we became parents! These eggs are safe and warm in an incubator and they are going to hatch into little ducklings! We can’t wait to care for them and watch them grow. If you would be interested in adopting and looking after them once we have cared for them as little ducklings, please contact Mrs Wood.
February - Children's Mental Health Week
Follow the link Children's Mental Health Week ( to see how we celebrated Children's Mental Health Week in Carn Brea Class.
February - NSPCC Number Day!
Today we all came in dressed up for the NSPCC Number Day event to help raise money for the NSPCC. We had an extra-special fun day of Maths activities. Thank you everyone for taking part and so far we have raised £52. If you haven’t done so already please donate £1 for you child on Parentpay. Much appreciated.
February - RSPB Birdwatch
Although a little late for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, Carn Brea went on the search for some birds around our school one afternoon this week. We saw a few crows, magpies and seagulls, but not many! We had a think about what to do to bring more birds to Penponds school and decided to make some bird feeders. We found a tree to hang them on and we are looking forward to checking in on them. Afterwards we thought about the lifecycle of some birds.
February - Chinese/ Lunar New Year
Carn Brea had a fantastic afternoon learning all about the Chinese\ Lunar New Year and how it is celebrated. We were interested to find out that this is celebrated all around the world. We watched some videos, made dragon puppets and took part in a dragon parade and even tried some traditional Chinese New Year food using chop sticks. We tried noodles, they are eaten as they represent living a long life. We also read the Chinese Zodiac story together and discovered that some of us were born during the year of the rooster and some during the year of the monkey. We know that 2022 is the year of the tiger.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Carn Brea's focus story in literacy has been 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We have spent lots of time creating story maps and re-telling the story. We have linked this to our learning in the afternoons and we have been thinking all about the life cycle of a butterfly. We have danced to a song, learnt a rhyme and created a life cycle display in our classroom to help us to remember each stage! We are looking forward to getting caterpillars in the summer term to watch the life cycle taking place
January - Thank you!
Over Christmas we made and sent cards to our friends at Coastline Housing. They sent us this lovely thank you card. We are so happy we were able to put a smile on their faces.

January - Charity Donations

Last term Penponds School raised £65.18 for Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day appeal and £66.16 for Children in Need, “Together We Can”.  Thank you for your donations everyone.

December - End of Topic Celebration of Learning
Click the picture below to see our Flip Book celebrating our topic learning - Superheroes Assemble
December - Thinking of others
Carn Brea class and children throughout the school who attend Art club have recently taken part in Coastline’s ‘Care with a Card’ Christmas card project. They made Christmas cards which will be handed out to lonely and isolated people in our local community. It was a lovely project to be involved in!
December - Real life Superheros!
Carn Brea learnt all about the job of a nurse this week. They experienced having their blood pressure checked, learnt about different parts of the body and even applied some bandages. Thank you, Ashleigh, for a brilliant afternoon.
Then, Iain visited Carn Brea! He told them about his job in the army. He told them about how the army, navy and RAF work for the queen which was really interesting! Iain also told Carn Brea all about the different planes, ships, jets and helicopters that he has been on. The children were fascinated! Then everyone got the chance to try on so many pieces of Iain’s army uniform and colour some soldiers! Thank you being a super soldier.

November - ‘Window Wanderland’

Camborne Town Council sent Penponds School a lovely message of thanks for our contribution to Camborne’s first ‘Window Wanderland’.  They said our art work was fantastic and made the JoJangles shop glow with beautiful colours for the event.  Well done all classes for taking part.

November - BBC Children in Need

Today we celebrated Children in Need.  This year’s theme was “Together We Can”.  To mark this Penponds School children came to school dressed in certain colours of the rainbow.  Each Year group was allocated a colour.

Year 6 Red

Year 5 Orange

Year 4 Yellow

Year 3 Green

Year 2 Blue

Year 1 Indigo

Reception Violet/Pink

We created a whole school rainbow to share - “Together We Can”.  Thank you for all your donations to Children in need.  We have raised £52 today.  If you would like to donate please pay £1 on Parentpay.

Carn Brea class have been very engaged in learning all about Andy Warhol, an artist, over the last two weeks. Miss King and Mrs O’Connell have really enjoyed the learning too and have been so impressed with how engaged the class have been. Carn Brea have learnt about Pop Art and recognised that Andy Warhol uses a lot of different, bright colours in his artwork and he prints the same pictures but uses different colours each time. As part of their Superhero Assembles topic, they created their own Superhero logo artwork in the style of Andy Warhol. It is now displayed in the classroom for everyone to see!
Carn Brea class have been working very hard this week to recognise numbers, which is a very important skill! We are great at using number fans each morning to help us
Carn Brea class have been busy taking part in lots of ‘Funky Fingers’ activities over the last few weeks including Dough Disco, dot painting and using tweezers. We have also spent lots of time practising our scissor skills. These activities are helping us to make the muscles in our fingers nice and strong to help us with writing!
Our new Reception children have settled in fantastically. We have spent lots of time making friends, learning routines, exploring our classroom and all of our lovely outside space. We are feeling excited to start our new topic, Superheroes Assemble!