Children's University

We have taken the decision to become a part of the Children’s University. This is a fantastic organisation which puts learning outside the classroom at the heart of what they do.

 The Children’s University is for children and young people aged 5-14 years and aims to:

  •          Raise aspirations
  •          Boost achievement
  •          Foster a love of learning so that children can make the most of their abilities and interests.

This is an excellent opportunity and initiative which can really help extend learning beyond the classroom and give the children a great sense of achievement at the same time.


Thank you for your continued support and here’s to further “Happy learning”.

By accessing the member’s website you and your child will be able to discover Learning Destinations in Camborne, and across the county.  Children can visit these places with parents and friends during the holidays and weekends, taking along their passport to be stamped or signed as proof of their learning. (There are also Learning Destinations abroad as many other countries also have a Children’s University.) Penponds School clubs are registered learning destinations, so if your child attends an after school or lunchtime club, they can receive a stamp or signature for this too!  

For a link to local Learning Destinations, please click on the link below:

In school we can monitor from their passport and after 30 hours learning your child will receive a Bronze Graduation Certificate, Silver and Gold are awarded after 60 and 90 hours of learning. The learning hours must:

  •          be gained from Validated Learning Destinations (See the Children’s university website or the school website for the current list of destinations)
  •          be from a range of activities (up to 1/3 per learning destination)
  •          be outside normal school hours or during school lunch time.
The Children's University coordinator is Miss Smith. Please contact her if you have any questions about Children's University. She also records the amount of hours that children have stamped towards a certificate.
If you would like to have a Passport for Learning for your child, please use the form below.

Telephone: 01209 713929 Email: