Extra-curricular Learning and Clubs

Extra-curricular learning - Music
As as school we offer our children a wide range of opportunities throguh our curriculum and outside of the planned time.
Peripatetic music lessons are offered including piano or keyboards, singing, guitar. 
Rocksteady Music School is new initiative where children learn an instrument as part of forming a pop/rock band. It is an inclusive programme, where children each learn an instrument to contribute to the band ensemble - such as  - drrums, bass, lead guitar, keyboards, vocals. they work together to learn their new instrument and play known songs quickly together.
Mini Rockers is offered to EYFS - Year 2
Rock Heroes is offered to Years 3 and 4
Rock Icons is offered to Years 5 and 6
Rocksteady also offer bursary places. 
Visit https://www.rocksteadymusicschool.com for further details.
For further information about our music lessons see Mrs Wood in the office.
Summer Term Clubs 2022
Monday - Scooter Club; Miss King; EYFS/KS1
             - Football; Mrs Watts; KS2
Tuesday - Sports4Tots run by Nick Eagles. Paid for club. EYFS/KS1 only. Book here
Wednesday - Chess and Board Games; Mr Hooper. KS2
                   - Music Making; Mrs Richards. All Year groups. 
Thursday - Choir; Mrs Bailey. KS2.
                - Outdoor Art; Mis McLennon; EYFS/KS1.
Friday - DDMX - Email: diversedancemix.martha@gmail.com to book
           - Coach Frank's Skate School - max 15 children
Mrs Watts also runs daily lunchtime sports clubs including football, netball and cross country.
Mr Bruford organises lunchtime games for children to join in with.
We also have a couple of new Reading based lunchtime clubs beginning shortly - we are just finalising the details with the School Council: Rights Ambassadors
Reading Leaders - Reading Leaders will be timetabled to be on duty Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes to listen to other children read and record comments in their reading record and/or read stories to children who would like to have a book read to them. Children who find it tricky to find a quiet spot at home to read will be encouraged to attend the club.
Book Club - On Wednesday lunchtimes a couple of our Reading Leaders will run a Book Club. Children will be leant copies of the same book title. They will agree where they will read to in the book before the following week and then discuss what they have read. Initially, children will be supported by Miss McClennon (our school English Lead) but the intention is that this becomes a child-run club. A club for and led by children. 
Both of these initiatives were ideas shared by our School Council: Rights Ambassadors.