Personal Development at Penponds

Personal Development

Personal Development at Penponds
Personal Development at Penponds - more than school!
At Penponds we are proud to offer a programme to develop the holistic child through their personal development to prepare them for life in modern Britain and beyond .
Certain aspects, such as Relationships, Sex, Health (physical and mental well-being), Economic and wider safety including technology and media education are taught through our clearly defined teaching programme using the Brook Learn materials. Parents were consulted upon the development of the Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy.
Other aspects such as Citizenship and Development of Character are taught constantly each day, through our school ethos supported by our school values (Creativity, Confidence, Caring and Curiosity), and focused rights chosen by the children (Right to a Voice; Right to an Education; Right to be the Best you can be, Right to Relax and Play; Right to meet friends and join clubs). These support positive behaviour choices from EYFS to Year 6, encouraging children to be the best possible version of themself. The Behaviour Policy upholds these expectations.
Children are supported in school through a Whole School Trauma Informed School (TIS) approach and can receive specific identified support from a qualified TIS Practitioner.
A carefully planned asssembly timetable ensures direct teaching of knowledge for personal development. Specific teaching of British Values is taught in assemblies supported by Picture News resources. See here 
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is planned across our curriculum, enhanced through extra-curricular opportunities and special days such as Aspiration Day, Holi Rainbow Run, Bastille Festival; Climate Change, Charity fundraiser events and in assemblies delivered by school staff and visitors. Becky Lines from Transforming Mission Camborne delivers assemblies fortnightly to children focusing on developing character, learning right from wrong through morals and bible teachings. Our new approach to RE teaching encompasses a four step approach which includes Engagement, Investigation, Evaluation and Expression all steps encouragin self-reflection and opportnities to learn and be inspired by others. Find our more here
Wider opportunities for children are planned across the curriculum through trips, visitors, real/hands-on opportunities and extra-curricular clubs to support learning, life experiences, influence positive behaviour choices, understand importance of safety and inspire future life ambitions.
We have a motto of 'Enjoyable learning is memorable learning' and we foster and encourage an enjoyment in personal development.
We want children to be proud of the people they are now and the future self they will become. 
See below to find out about Personal Development at Penponds.
What's On?
On Monday 20th June we are having an Aspiration Day in school!
Children are invited to come to school dressed up as their dream future self. We are asking for a donation of £1.50 per child for this event to support fundraising for FOPs as well.
We will be exploring what is needed to achieve these goals in term of education and qualifications needed if relevant and personal attributes and characteristics. We will also be looking into lifestyles, economics and money.
To make this even more real for the children we need your help!
Would any of you, parents/carers or family members, be free to come in to school and talk about your jobs/vocations and what you had to do to get there?
Medical professionals
Landscape gardeners
Shop assistants
Hair stylists
Armed Forces
Animal welfare
Home makers
Emergency services
and anything else!!!!!
If you can help please email Mrs Bailey on or call Mrs Wood in the school office on 01209 713929
Developing the Rainbow Promise
School councillors from across the Rainbow schools went to a special meeting tasked with creating a list of 30 things you will do/expereince/achieve in your time at one of our Rainbow Schools. The list was full of wonderful ideas from the children and the final article will be shared soon! Watch this space! Thank you School Councillors: Rights Ambassadors!
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Click on the below image to see all about our work on British Values!