Trencrom - Year 3/4, Mrs Richards 2022/23

Welcome to Trencrom Class!
Have a look below at all the amazing things we have been getting up to.
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June - Global Boarders and Porthpean Camp
Trencrom class have had the most amazing, fantastic, exciting and exhausting week ever!! We kicked off the week with global boarders for our surf day. We are super proud of the fantastic attitude the children had to persevere and challenge themselves. 

Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Porthpean Outdoor Adventure Centre for our residential camp. We took part in kayaking, mega paddle-boarding, a silent disco, high ropes and archery. Orla said,” The best bit was when we saw a seal when we were kayaking”!


June - Kresen Kernow - Trencrom Class

On Tuesday, Trencrom class had a fantastic morning exploring Kresen Kernow in Redruth. We were even allowed in the special room where there are 16000 historical documents. We were amazed to see the biggest book you could ever imagine!

We enjoyed our prehistoric Cornwall workshop, where we became archaeologists and discovered lots of interesting things about Cornwall, using a variety of methods.

May - Celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla

Coronation Celebrations – see video below

On Friday 5th May we marked the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. We began the day with a whole school assembly learning about the history and pageantry of the coronation and how people celebrate significant events. Each class then spent the morning learning about British Values and creating food to share with the school in the afternoon picnic.

We were delighted to welcome Les Ladner, former pupil, back into Penponds to talk to each class about his experience of the late Queen's coronation in 1953, where he shared photographs too. We enjoyed a delicious picnic outside together.

At the end the day we held our usual celebration assembly which also include a fancy dress pageant where Jasper was chosen as the winner. 

In 1953, during the Penponds pageant, Les's role was a servant. So we felt this time around Les should be crowned as King of Penponds. He was crowned on a Cornish tartan throne with crown, sceptre and orb.  

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April - Cornwall my Home
What an amazing start to the summer term?! On Tuesday we had a day to celebrate our Cornish Heritage in preparation for Trevithick Day, and what better way to do so than to focus the day on the song ‘Cornwall my Home’ written by Harry Glasson. For more information about this incredible day, please click on the link. 
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April - More budding book makers at Penponds!
Hermione and Maddie have made an activity book all about Space for younger children! The book includes 'Dot to Dot', 'Sentence Jumblers', 'Spot the Difference' and much more. We have made copies of the book so it is ready to be shared. Well done to you both! We are so proud of you. What a start to the summer term we are having!
Our children are really showing they are living out our vision of 'Aiming High and Achieving Our Best' and being 'Leaders of their own Learning'!

March - Football Match – Penponds v Crowan

Well, what a match.  It was our hardest match to date.  Crowan’s children were a very strong team and mainly Year 6s and 5s.

Penponds fought hard and worked well trying to pass the ball and press the opponents.  Unluckily we lost 7-1 but the team showed good resilience and kept trying to the end.  Persons of the match were Orrin and Kelyn.

Great learning match and hopefully puts us in a good mindset for our next match.


March - Rocksteady End of Term Concert

The whole school and parents of children taking Rock Steady Lessons with Tom were treated to an end of term concert in the hall. Here we have some Trencrom band members rocking their socks off.  The children were confident, skilful and entertaining.  Thank you.

March - Pull up your Odd Socks for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day!

On Tuesday 21st March we wore odd socks to school with our uniforms to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. Odd socks were chosen as a symbol by World Down Syndrome Day, because chromosomes are shaped like socks, and those with Down Syndrome have an extra one.
We 'Rocked our Socks!'
This day holds a very special place for Penponds and our families. 

March - Special Visitor - Jessica Roper

We were very excited to welcome top athlete Jessica Roper, GB Kickboxing Champion to Penponds School.

Jessica led a sponsored fitness circuit with all pupils and followed-up with an inspirational assembly, and question and answer session. The aim of the event was to inspire the children to be more physically active, but just as importantly, encourage them to discover and pursue their passion in life.

The event both connected the children to an extraordinary athlete role model and raised money to improve physical activity in the school, while also supporting both athletes and para-athletes, so that they can continue to inspire the next generation. 

Thank you to all the families who sponsored the children in the worthwhile event.  Total raised was an amazing £1562.51 which is split between Sports for Schools and Penponds School and will allow the school to buy new sports equipment to the value of £829.

March - Black Voices Cornwall 

Exciting News! Mrs Richards, our wonderful RE Lead, had had her first working session to support the curriculum development in Cornwall with Black Voices Cornwall!

This is a three year project to ensure equality and diversity is positively represented throughout the taught curriculum in Cornwall. We are so proud that Mrs Richards is supporting this and we cannot wait to see what work we can begin as a school!

March - Class Trip to Gwithian beach

Trencrom class went to Gwithian beach to learn about ghost materials and take part in a beach clean. Although the beach was looking very clean, we managed to fill half a tub with a variety of plastics collected from the sand. We were really surprised with the amount of plastic there was.

After all of the hard work, we used some of our collection to repurpose into our own keyrings. We had some fun playing tug of war and space hopper racing as well as pebble balancing and dam building. Finally, we had to give in to the bad weather, but a great day was had by all. We warmed up back at school with a delicious hot chocolate.


Thank you to FOPs for paying for the coach and Adam and Amy from Castaway Ropeworks Home - Castaway Ropeworks for leading our learning.

March - Sing-In Choir Workshop

Penponds and Bishop Bronescombe schools represented Rainbow and joined forces this week at the Sing In Choir workshop, part of Truro Music Festival. We contributed to a choir of 265 children’s voice from across Cornwall! The children were excellent ambassadors for Rainbow and learned the skills to sing in a choir of that size, the importance of following the conductor and a new repertoire of music for warms ups and performances. 

March 4th - World Book Day - 2023 
We had a fantastic day celebrating our love of reading! Our class decided to look at the author 'Dav Pilkey,' creating comic strips inspired by his writing style. 
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March - School Choir sing at Memory Café 
We always love to go and sing at the Memory Café. We spent some time with members of the Memory Café taking part in craft activities. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more!

February - School Councillors

On Monday 27th February our School Councillors met with Les who was a pupil at Penponds in 1953 for the coronation of Elizabeth ll. Our School Councillors asked Les lots of questions to find out about how Penponds School celebrated the coronation so that we can celebrate in similar way for King Charles lll's coronation in May. It was really enjoyable to chat with Les and we even managed to look at some really old photographs and squeeze some football chat in too! Thank you so much to Les for giving up his time to come into school to chat with us.

February - Sewing Club 
The master seamstress' have been busy creating their cushions. They developed hand stitching skills and how to use a sewing machine. They worked well as a team too helping each other with the tricky bits. I am so proud of them all and their gorgeous cushions! 

February - Dance Masterclass at CSIA

Nine children from Trencrom class went to CSIA to take part in a dance masterclass this week.  They learnt a basic routine and then went into separate groups with other schools to add to the routine.  They had to add a jump, balance, swing, slide, roll and spin.  The children had a great time and really liked making up their own dance.

February - Newquay Zoo 
We were lucky enough to go on a whole school trip to Newquay Zoo. We were kindly gifted free entrance as part of Paignton Zoo’s 100th birthday celebrations. The children (and animals) were so well behaved and we were treated to lots of amazing spectacles. It was so amazing to see all the different family groups and dynamics and continue our exploration of our amazing world. Thanks Newquay zoo. 
February - Get ready for World Book Day!
We love reading at Penponds! 
As we get ready to celebrate World Book Day 2023, every night leading up to the big day , we will be sharing a bedtime book virtually. These videos will be posted on Facebook, here on our website and on Class Dojo to enjoy at home.
Visit our reading page to see the videos each night here
February - ShelterBox Fundraising Day 

Our very special Trencrom class were deeply moved by the earthquake disaster that devastatingly effected Syria and Turkey and decided that they could help. The idea came from the children themselves and were gladly supported by their teachers to make their ideas become a reality. Ia explains the day in more detail below. 

On the 22nd of February 2023, Trencrom Class had a fundraising day to raise money for Shelterbox, a charity that send boxes to places where a disaster has destroyed their homes.  These boxes provided everything they need to survive with a home.  We had craft, book and toys stalls and lots and lots of games!  Our goal was to make £160 (enough money to buy two shelter boxes) but everyone thinks we earned more!  People sold their old stuff in order to recycle.  Some people even made stuff or set up activities!  We had Year 6, Year 1 and 2 and Reception in to do our activities and it was very busy!  Every child in Penponds School was invited to wear green and bring in £1.  We also had a cake sale after school in the bike shed.  We had a Can Toss, Hook a Duck and loads of other games but most people were just interested in the lollipops!  By Ia

Trencrom class - we are all amazingly proud of you! As Ia said above, your goal was £160, but the total exceeded that by over double! The charity superstars raised a grand total of £410! Well done Trencrom class! 

February - ShelterBox – Special Visitor

On Tuesday afternoon, Trencrom Class were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Benney from ShelterBox. He explained how the organisation work, what they do and what it involves. It not only linked well to our topic but also to current tragic events in the news at the moment. Many children have been inspired to help and we plan to hold a fundraising event on Wednesday 22nd February.  Details to follow.

February - Our football match against Troon

Written by Laurie and Freya.D 

On Wednesday the 8th of February, the football team visited Troon primary school for a football match. We all met up after school and started practicing our passing. The halves were meant to be 20 minutes but were modified to 10 minutes each; Our team began with the ball and soon after we were given a hand ball. We dominated possession, but Troon eventually managed to sneak the ball past our goalie. The whistle blew for half time and that marked the end of the first half.

In the second half, there were lots of substitutes. This half was good for our team, as we managed to score 2 goals!! Both were scored by our team captain Joel, Troon played well but our team was triumphant with the scores 2-1. Once the whistle blew for the last time all of the subs excitedly ran onto the pitch to celebrate. After shaking hands with our opponents, we all happily returned home.


February - NSPCC Number Day
Penponds marked NSPCC Number Day with a relaunch of Times Table Rockstars! Children came to school dressed as a Rockstar and took part in the national TimesTable competition. Some of our younger children cam e dressed in with numbers, shapes and patterns too. We had a great day of Maths fun, all raising money for a worthy cause.
February - LGBT History Month
February is LGBT History month and we marked this in Penponds through a collective piece of work across the school. 
All classes studied the story 'And Tango Makes Three' and responded to their learning in their own way to create collaborative display in the hall.
Carn Brea class created family portraits within an egg to link to the story, Godolphin class designed a new family that looks different to their own family, Trencrom class innovated the story of And Tango Makes Three and created zig-zag books and Tregonning class looked into the controversy surrounding this book when it was first published in the USA. 
Once the display is complete we will share it below- so watch this space!
Reading Tea Parties
Children across the school, enjoyed a reading tea party with Mrs Bailey, our Headteacher, because they had shown super effort and shared their love for reading. Hot chocolate, biscuits and cake were on the menu, as was super discussion talking about our favourite books and authors.

January 2023

Trencrom class have been enjoying learning about their new topic, ‘Earth Matters’. The children have learnt about the structure of the earth by creating the different layers of the earth using playdough. Can you see the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust?

The children have explored volcanoes and have even made some at home to create the effect of a volcanic eruption.

December 2022 - Rocksteady Concert

Today to finish off a very busy week the children who had been attending Rocksteady lessons entertained their parents and families and the rest of the school to an end of term rock concert.

December 2022 - Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner was a family affair this year. We managed to get all of the children into the hall at the same time to eat together (and the staff too!). We listened and sang along to some festive favourites, pulled crackers and had a lovely time. We are very thankful to our relief cook Victoria who has ensured our kitchen has remained open this week as our usual cook has not been in work. Without her there would have been no Christmas Dinner - so thank you Victoria!

December 2022 - Special Visitor in School

We had a very special visit in school this week from Father Christmas!

All children received a book from the Big Man himself. Children were very polite receiving their gifts and asked some great questions too. For those children that have been poorly and not in school, don't worry, your gift is being safely looked after and will be here ready and waiting when you return.

December 2022 - Experience Christmas at Penponds Church

Although the weather stopped us from visiting Penponds church for the Christmas experience on Monday, the church came to us! Thank you to the volunteers that changed their plans last minute to come to school and hold the workshops in the hall. The children had a wonderful time!

December 2022 - End of topic finale - Maya Festival

You may have heard about our Maya Festival that Trencrom class held on

December 2022 - Tuesday afternoon... The children worked together in the morning to prepare a selection of Maya food; we ate from our maya style weaved table mats and baskets and drank hot chocolate, with a Maya temple as the centerpiece to the feast (amazingly made by Ia)! Throughout this, we had our maya themed masks! We finished the afternoon off with a whole class game of pok-a-tok outside (the boys team won). Well done to all of the children for a fantastic day and a great finale for our topic on ancient Maya!

December 2022 - North Pole Challenge

Penponds School have been clocking up the miles toward the Trust-wide mission to achieve 4,237 miles from the MAT Central Office to the North Pole.  Today the children and staff walked or ran around the field in their Christmas hats in the sunshine and blue sky.  In the course of the week we have achieved 309 miles!

December 2022 - Camborne Lantern Parade
The Penponds School Community were proud to be part of the Camborne Lantern Parade last Friday with our beautiful swan lantern taking centre stage! All the children carried their individual lanterns as well that they had made in school especially.
December 2022 - Christmas Tree Advent Assembly
On Thursday this week the children each brought in a home-made decoration to hang on the school Christmas tree during our Advent assembly. It looks very beautiful.

November 2022 - Christmas Tree Festival

Trencrom and Tregonning Classes made decorations linked to our School Values for our tree at this year’s Christmas Tree Festival at Camborne Parish Church. You can find it there over the festive period, it is a very festive event!

November 2022 - Choir visit to Memory Café in Pool

On Thursday the choir visited and sang at the memory café in Pool.   The children sang for about half an hour and were then treated to festive snacks and treats. The members of the cafe then asked the children to help decorate their hall by making paper chains together. It was a really wonderful afternoon and all had a fantastic time. They enjoyed it so much we plan to re-visit them in March next year.

Youth Royal British Legion Remembrance Service – Camborne Parish Church – Friday 11th November

This year our school councillors from Tregonning Class represented Penponds School at the Youth Royal British Legion Remembrance Service at Camborne Parish Church. All classes made a wreath and our councillors lay them on behalf of each class. We also made another wreath to add to our remembrance display for Queen Elizabeth II.

November 2022 - Lantern Making

This week we made lanterns in school for the Camborne Lantern Parade on Friday 25th November.  Children helped made a large lantern in the hall and their own lanterns to take along.  Parents and Grandparents enjoyed coming into school to help.  Thank you to our special visitor and expert, Amanda Lorens for coming in to help us.

October 2022

Well done to our School Council: Rights Ambassador children! They attended and represetned the CRF Youth Conference at the Fibre Hub. They were a perfect ambassadors for our school and contributed to issues affecting our local community.

Message from George Le Hunte:

Thank you for attending our 2022 CRF Youth Conference at the Fibre Hub on Friday. 57 students, plus staff, were there from 10 Camborne & Pool schools. It was a wonderful event in a great venue. Please thank all your students that attended for their brilliant engagement in the conference & for their immaculate behaviour. I am sure they learnt a lot and I hope they pass that on to all their colleagues at school.

Thank you for partaking in our Youth Conference. 

George Le Hunte

Camborne Regeneration Forum

September 2022 - Author Workshop

Trencrom class were so lucky to take part in workshops with Mrs Evans on Wednesday, as well as taking part in a zoom call with a real author, Lucy Noguera! 

The theme for the day was based around the text, ‘Herman needs a home’. We spoke to the author who explained that the reason behind the story was how she had learnt about all the plastic waste in the ocean.  We took part in a workshop inspired by ‘flotsam flo’ (can be found on Facebook) who creates wonderful items made from repurposed plastic.    We saw how she made purses from broken inflatables, hair clips from plastic bags and funny creatures from old wetsuits. We then designed and made our own new products from old plastic. Some children even tried sewing or joining plastic by weaving through the holes. Mrs Evans said the children were wonderful and all fully engaged, with fantastic ideas and bundles of enthusiasm. Well done children. Please take a look at some of our finished products. 

If you would like to purchase a signed copy of the text or any other product advertised below, please see Mrs Richards 

September 2022

Football Club

This week we started our PE football unit, it looks like we have some future stars in the making - great sportsmanship shown by all and a great attitude - look out Ronaldo and Beth Mead here we come!

Cookery Club

Yesterday the ‘Cooking Club Chefs’ were busy making Greek dips  - hummus and tzatziki. The children peeled and grated garlic, zested and juiced lemons, chopped mint, cucumber, and carrots, measured out tahini paste, olive oil and water and used the food processor! All chefs were super well behaved and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I’m looking forward to next week! Recipes can be found on Dojo.