Vision statement and Values


Penponds Primary School will work with all stakeholders to create a happy, safe and stimulating environment where children become ‘Leaders of their own Learning’. By maintaining high expectations of the whole school community, our children will be equipped to become lifelong learners.  We encourage curiosity about the world, strive to be creative in everything we do and build confidence in our children to enable them to grasp opportunities and tackle challenges with resilience and self-assurance.


Our Vision

Aiming High and Achieving Our Best


Our Values

Curiosity – we are inquisitive learners who love to explore and investigate!

Creativity – we are imaginative and inventive!

Confidence - We have a resilient, ‘can-do’ attitude to learning!

Caring – We are kind and respectful to each other and to our environment



To provide an environment and curriculum that stimulates every child’s desire to learn; to teach creatively to inspire children with unique learning experiences; to foster high aspirations and encourage children to be leaders of their own learning; to promote respect and kindness; to nurture and prepare children so they are ready to confidently face future challenges.