School Uniform

Grey skirt/pinafore or plain grey or black trousers or shorts. No jogging bottoms or leggings to be worn (Unless on PE day)
Red checked school gingham summer dresses may be worn in warm weather
Red school fleece/sweatshirt/cardigan
White polo shirt or white school blouse/shirt


School Jumpers, cardigans, fleece jackets, summer baseball hats and book bags are available from the school office with the school logo.


Sensible black shoes should be worn. They need to be comfortable and hard wearing. Velcro fastenings are recommended for Reception/YR 1. Lace-up shoes should only be worn once children are able to tie them. Smart all black trainers or boots may be worn.


Jewellery - children may wear up to one pair of plain stud earrings. All other jewellery should not be worn unless a specific requirement of religious beliefs. This can be discussed with the headteacher. Staff will look after any additional jewellery worn and return it at the end of the day.


Nail varnish or make-up should not be worn.


Hair should be tied up if longer than shoulder length. 


PE Kit                                                    
Black or red shorts, plimsolls/trainers, plain white t-shirt. Plain black leggings or jogging bottoms may be worn in colder weather. No logos.

PE Kits (complete with bag) are available to order from the school

Stud earrings should not be worn on PE days, unless they are within the first six-weeks of piercing, in which case staff will help children to cover them with tape. 


Book Bags for EYFS and KS1 only. These are available from the school office priced at £6.50

Back packs to be used from KS2. Only Year 5 and 6 to bring a pencil case to school.

Water Bottles
All children should have a water bottle in school which they can refill throughout the day.

Water bottles can be purchased from the school office priced at £1.50

If there are ever any issues with purchasing any items of uniform, please do let us know and we will see where we can support. Remember there is a pre-loved uniform shop run by our lovely volunteer Mrs Stone which you can purchase good quality items from at a very low cost.


We understand that on certain days, if children are upset, that bringing a cuddly toy to school with them can ease the transition of home to school. For these one-off times this is absolutely fine - a quick Dojo to the class teacher can help us know if children need an extra bit of support that morning too and staff will understand the reason for children arriving with a cuddly. 
For the most part, we ask that toys or card games etc are not brought into school for the main reason that there is often upset if they are lost or damaged.