Extra-curricular Music

Extra-curricular - Music
As as school we offer our children a wide range of opportunities through our curriculum and outside of the planned time.
Peripatetic music lessons are offered including piano or keyboards, singing, guitar. 
Rocksteady Music School is new initiative where children learn an instrument as part of forming a pop/rock band. It is an inclusive programme, where children each learn an instrument to contribute to the band ensemble - such as  - drums, bass, lead guitar, keyboards, vocals. they work together to learn their new instrument and play known songs quickly together.
Mini Rockers is offered to EYFS - Year 2
Rock Heroes is offered to Years 3 and 4
Rock Icons is offered to Years 5 and 6
Rocksteady also offer bursary places. 
Visit https://www.rocksteadymusicschool.com for further details.
For further information about our music lessons see Mrs Wood in the office.
For After School clubs see this page here