Accessibility Plan 2019-2022
Admissions Arrangements 2023-24- v2
Anti-Bullying Policy
Asthma Policy and Care Plan
Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy Updated
Attendance Policy December 2020
Behaviour Policy September 2021
Charging and Remissions Policy 2020
COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan September 2021
COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan - adapted Sept 2021 - due to outbreak
COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan - adapted Jan 2022 - following new guidance
Complaints Policy 2021
Data Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers - Use of Student Data 2020
Data Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers - Use of Parent Data 2020
Educational Visits Policy Feb 22
Equal Opportunities Policy 2018
Exclusion Policy 2021
Feedback from Parent Questionnaire on Remote Learning
Financial Malpractice Whistleblowing 2020 School
Fire and Evacuation Policy September 2022
First Aid - Dec 2022
Freedom of Information Act
GDPR - Data Protection Policy 2020
Gift Policy-2021
Governor and Director expenses Dec 2022
Health and Safety - Dec 2022
Health and Safety- School Responsibilities and Arrangements
Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2021
Major Incident Plan September 2020.pdf
Online Safety policy
Physical Education Policy February 2020.pdf
Power Maths Calculation Policy Reception.pdf
Power Maths Calculation Policy KS1.pdf
Power Maths Calculation Policy Lower KS2.pdf
Power Maths Calculation Policy Upper KS2
Preventing Radicalisation Policy January 2020
Published Guide to Information
Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy 2020-21
Remote Education Policy September 2020
Remote Learning Provision - FAQs
Whistleblowing - Child Protection