Keep Up not Catch Up

Intervention Programme - Keep Up, Not Catch Up

Following assessment during Pupil Progress Meetings with Headteacher, SENDCO and Class Teachers we identify anything extra children may need to recover their learning or extend it to focus on during intervention time. These could be group or 1:1 sessions.

Miss Murphy (teacher) leads this planned intervention for the first part of the afternoon daily. 

Miss Murphy also has a ‘Keep Up not Catch Up’ slot for KS2, in the second part of the afternoon daily, where teachers can sign children up, after their morning lessons for Miss Murphy to revisit/reteach that morning's work or pre-teach some work that is due to be taught the next day.

The ‘Keep Up not Catch Up’ system is used in EYFS and KS1, and is carried out by a member of staff within those classes.

If a child has not grasped a concept in the morning (Phonics, English or Maths) or were ‘nearly there’ with something, teachers can use this system for the learning to be revisited/retaught to ensure they are ready for tomorrow’s lesson. Also, if they feel a child would benefit with a pre-teach before tomorrow’s lesson to give them a head’s up, to feel more confident with a new concept or to be a ‘mini-teacher’ in building confidence or extending learning they can use this too. We want to keep them up, not catch them up.

All intervention work will be completed in their usual class books so we can see the journey of learning. E.g. Joe understood the concept of the column method by the end of today's Maths lesson, but was a little wobbly (work in book shows this), tomorrow children are moving on to exchanging and Joe will find this tricky, Miss Murphy can go over today's learning and get that secure and introduce exchanging as a pre-teach so Joe is in better place ready for tomorrow's lesson.

See below for example of the Keep Up, not Catch Up signing sheet.