Who's who

Mrs Julie Lamb



Designated Safeguarding Lead
Educational Visits Coordinator

Mrs Ann Mitchell

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Mrs Bobby Campbell

Chartwells Catering staff

Miss Cara Meyers

Godolphin Year 1 Teacher

Maths Mastery Leader
Science Subject Leader

Miss Clare Souch

Godolphin Year 2 class teacher

Senior Teacher
Literacy Subject Leader

Mrs Emma Wills

Year 2 Learning Assistant

Daily interventions leader - LKS2

Mrs Karen Stone

Year 5/6 Learning Assistant


Mrs Mel O'Connell

Reception Learning Assistant

Autism and Dyslexic Champion

Mrs Michelle Pascoe

Site Supervisor

Lunchtime Supervisor and Learning Assistant

Mr Jon Field

Peripatetic Music teacher

Mrs Jo Wood

School Secretary

Mr Jordan Rhodda

PE Learning Assistant Apprentice

Miss Lauren Berry

Carn Brea reception class teacher


Miss Leanne Rule

SEN Learning Assistant

Mrs Liz Rule

Learning Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisor
Wrap around care

Mrs Louisa Lawlor

Tregonning year 5/6 class teacher

Maths Subject Leader
Maths Mastery Leader

Mr Mawgan Watts

SEN Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Phil Wheatley

Chartwells Catering manager

Mrs Trudy Watts

PE teacher

Learning Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Wrap around care

Mr Treve Harvey

Chair of Governors

Mrs Catie Brownlow

Trencrom Class Teacher


Curriculum Lead

Telephone: 01209 713929 Email: secretary@penponds.cornwall.sch.uk