Who's who

Mrs Rebekah Bailey


Curriculum Lead
Writing Lead
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Prevent Lead
Children in Care Lead
PSHE, Music and Science Lead

Reading - Reading is a huge passion of mine! This could be reading to learn more about education and latest research or it could be delving into a good story to escape and enter the world of imagination. My favourite time to read is during the holidays where I can truly relax, hopefully in the sunshine, and lose myself. I love reading historical novels, based around people that lived a long time ago. I love reading about the Tudors and my favourite author is Philippa Gregory. I also love reading stories to my children and we read as a family every night before bed. We are currently working our way through the Harry Potter series - loving every magical moment!

Miss Victoria Murphy

Senior Lead Teacher and Tregonning Class (Year 5/6) Class Teacher

Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Maths Lead
PE Lead
DT Lead
Languages Lead

Miss Lauren Berry

School SENDCO and Carn Brea - EYFS/Reception Class Teacher

Art and Design Lead

Reading - I love reading books. At the moment I am enjoying reading books which teach me about being a good Mummy to my little boy. Books help me to make good choices and understand what is the right thing to do to keep my baby happy and well.

Miss Tayler King

Godolphin Y1/2 Class Teacher

Read Write Inc and Early Reading Lead
School Reading Lead
Computing Lead
Science Lead
School Council: Rights Ambassadors

Mrs Hannah Richards

Trencom Y3/4 Class Teacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
RE Lead
History Lead
Geography Lead

Reading - I love sharing stories with my son and we still read together most nights even though he is getting bigger and bigger! He enjoys funny books by Dav Pilkey. I prefer to read autobiographies and love sitting in the garden in the sunshine with a good book.

Mrs Jo Wood

School Secretary


Reading - I love stories of adventure, that take you to different environments or countries. Call of the Wild was a book I have re-read recently as it was one of my favourites as a child. I usually read myself off to sleep with a Poldark novel as I have the box set to get through! Although fiction they also give you an idea what it was like to live when mining was at the forefront for Cornwall. I have always read to my children and grandchildren and the love of books stays with them. Books just widen your understanding of the world and I can't imagine my life without them.

Mrs Mel O'Connell

Learning Assistant

Dyslexia Champion
TIS Practitioner
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Reading - I love reading EVERYWHERE ... but especially in my garden or in bed just before I go to sleep. I love to read mystery books, the ones that keep me page turning. My favourite author is Agatha Christie who was dyslexic. She uses amazingly juicy language and weaves gripping plots that keep my attention and make it almost impossible stop reading and put the book down. A cup of hot chocolate, a cheeky biscuit, put my feet up and a good book ... just magic .

Mrs Naomi Trerise


Mrs Trudy Watts


Learning Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Wrap around care
Reading - I enjoy reading the Morganville vampire series by Rachel Caine - the storyline grabbed me from the start and I found the books very hard to put down - always wanting to know what was going to happen - the twist in the story you didn't expect keeps it interesting.

Mrs Ann Mitchell

Learning Assistant

Reading - I love reading ‘THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR’ to children in school. I also used to love reading this to my own children at home – it was one of their favourite books!

Miss Emma Pearson

Learning Assistant

Mrs Michelle Pascoe

Learning Assistant

Site Supervisor
Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Karen Barnes

SEN Learning Assistant

Reading - I absolutely love reading books full of adventure ,action, mystery and romance. Reading for me is about escaping into a world of imagination. My favourite childhood stories were the adventure books about a group of children called the Famous Five. Also, l like to read about historical events, and another book l particularly love, is a heartfelt story about a friendship between a man and his horse during World War One called War Horse

Mrs Alison Uren

SEN Learning Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Leanne Rule

SEN Learning Assistant

Reading: I love reading as I am able to imagine the world in which the author has created and I feel I am lost in the story. I enjoy reading books which are full of adventures, mystery and surprises that holds my attention so I always want to know what happens next.

Mr Oliver Hawkey

SEN Learning Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Liz Rule

Lunchtime Supervisor and Wraparound Care Club

Reading - I love reading a range of books from mysteries to autobiographies. I also enjoy reading books that are based around Cornwall. One of my favourite authors is Ann Cleeves OBE as her books are full of plot twists and surprising outcomes.

Jenny Crow

Specialist Music teacher

Mrs Phil Wheatley

Chartwells Catering manager