NEW Curriculum Drivers

Curriculum Drivers
Curriculum Drivers are developed from the Long-Term Curriculum Map, where all curriculum objectives, skills progression and sticky knowledge have been mapped across the school to ensure full coverage and progression of learning to ensure learning of knowledge is generative.  The Long-Term Curriculum Map for each class is a large document, covering everything that is to be taught over a two-year rolling programme, due to Penponds having mixed-age classes. Curriculum Drivers enable planning and monitoring of coverage, to be more manageable and focused.
For each topic, these Curriculum Drivers  share the overarching topic question, linked people of study, linked texts, planned trips or visitors, topic finale/end composite, links to prior learning and future learning to explore where the learning fits in the 'bigger picture' of the school's curriculum.
Although we teach topics in a thematic approach, these Curriculum Drivers ensure the integrity of each individual subject taught through the topic. For each subject within a topic, the intent is shared, coverage of skills and knowledge progression components, sticky knowledge, key vocabulary, end subject composite (the end goal specific to the subject) and the subject impact.
Year B Drivers
Year A Drivers