Tregonning - Year 5/6, Miss Murphy 2023/24

Welcome to Tregonning Class!
In Tregonning Class this year our teacher is Miss Murphy. We also have Mrs Pascoe and Mrs Mitchell, who help us too.
Have a look below at all the amazing things we have been getting up to.
Scroll down to the bottom to find information about our curriculum. These documents can also be found on the Curriculum page.
Aspiration Day at its finest!

Tregonning children living out our school vision ‘Aiming High and Achieving Our Best.’

Tregonning class have been working really hard this morning to research their chosen careers. Some of the class decided to pair up with their friend and put their wages together to be able to afford more. Such fun!
Congratulations to William, our first Year 6 Prefect. William consistently demonstrates our school values and is a strong advocate for the rights of the child. He takes it upon himself to make our school a better place, so is most deserving of prefect title. Very well done William!
Congratulations to Alfie! Our second prefect of the year!

The word 'always' is 'always used when describing Alfie and why he is our second prefect. He is ALWAYS kind, caring, helpful, AND puts others first. He is the perfect role model in school and is a super ambassador for Penponds. He is a wonderful buddy to Ted and has a genuine interest and desire to ensure Ted is happy and looked after at school. Alfie is naturally kind and considerate and is ALWAYS consciously making the right choices.

What a super star you are. We are so proud of you and all that you have achieved and are yet to achieve. Well done!


Congratulations to Maisy for being the third prefect this academic year.

Maisy always has a bright smile on her face every morning and 'works the room' to ensure that everyone is 'ok' every morning. She is a perfect advocate for others, always whooping and cheering when others win awards and certificates in school. When Maisy was presented with her badge and tie in assembly this afternoon she burst into 'happy tears' - it just shows how much it means to her. She was certainly not expecting it and was really shocked - bless her. Congratulations Maisy! We are so proud of you - keep being you.

Tregonning class had an awesome day on Wednesday at their 'Greek Day'. Lots of the children and staff dressed in Ancient Greek costume and spent the day creating a tasty Greek meze. They prepared and tasted: humus, tzatziki, halloumi, Greek salad, olives, and pitta bread. 


Our two key stage two classes joined forces this week to go to the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro to further their studies on Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

The children had a very interactive day as you can see from the photos below!

Foodbank Appeal

Emily in Tregonning Class asked to do a Christmas Appeal to support families at this time of year. One of our focused school rights, is 'Right to a Voice' and Emily was certainly listened to!

We asked for donations as detailed below...

Reception: Chocolate, Sweets and Biscuits

Year 1 : Luxury Tins, Packets, Jars (soup, beans, stuffing mix, gravy mix, cranberry sauce, Yorkshire pudding mix, pasta and sauces etc)

Year 2: Gifts (bed socks and blankets, colouring pencils and activity books, make and do art sets, top trumps, playing cards etc)

Year 3: Drinks (fizzy pop, squash, tea, coffee, hot chocolate - no alcohol)

Year 4: Household necessities (loo roll, cleaning products, shampoo, soaps, tin foil, cling film, black bin liners etc)

Year 5: Snacks (crisps, crackers, bread sticks, fruit cakes etc)

Year 6: Christmas Extras (crackers, party poppers, festive hats, treats, mince pies, custard, Christmas pudding etc)

...and we were inundated with donations!

Emily and one of of our newly appointed prefects, Mia, went to the Food Bank this morning to drop off your kind donations.

Well done to Emily for this thoughtful gesture and thank you to all for supporting her so generously.


We have had a super festive season in school! Have a look at the photos below of all the lovely things we have been getting up to.

  • Family Lantern Making Workshop
  • Lantern Parade
  • Advent Assembly
  • Christmas Concert - Children of the World
  • FOPS Parent Free Zone Christmas Shop
  • FOPS 50p Picture Competition - Winner Isobel!
  • Rainbow MAT Cathedral Carol Concert
  • Christmas Performances - Baarmy Bethlehem
  • Christmas Dinner Day and Christmas Jumper Day
  • Reading Tea Parties
  • Rocksteady Concert
  • Special Visitors - Elves from Cornwall Blood Bikes and Father Christmas
  • Christmas Parties

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given the school over this term.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year and we look forward to welcoming you all back safe and sound in 2024!


New Prefects

Congratulations to Kaira, Emily and Mia who join William, Maisy and Alfie as prefects at Penponds!

Kaira - I don't think there is another child in this school who this means more to. When Kaira's name was announced as a new prefect she burst into tears - happy tears. She said 'it means everything to me'. Kaira is a real people pleaser and always wants to help. If there is a job that needs doing, Kaira is always the first to raise her hand and offer her assistance. Kaira has exceptional manners and makes the perfect role model for younger children. Congratulations Kaira!

Emily - Emily is a very special young person. She is a true advocate for others and an ambassador of rights. Emily single handedly organised the Food Bank Christmas Appeal in school and even arranged to have it delivered too! Emily always puts other's needs first and if she sees any injustice, is always first to investigate how things can be changed for the better. Emily is always a huge advocate for animal rights as well! Watch this space for the next project!

Mia - Mia has become a prefect through her relentless support of others. She is the perfect mediator when things go wrong and she always tries to help smooth out disagreements between others. Mia is very mature and understand the importance of tolerance and understanding. She always keeps out of drama, preferring to be the peace maker. What a wonderful attribute to have at such a young age.


Well done to all of our prefects of 2023!