Trencrom - Year 3/4, Mrs Richards 2021/22

Welcome to Trencrom Class!
Have a look below at all the amazing things we have been getting up to.
Scroll down to the bottom to find information about our curriculum. These documents can also be found on the Curriculum page.
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June - Rainbow KS2 Games 2022
On Thursday 23rd June we took 26 children from Tregonning Class to St Meriadoc Junior School to take part in the Rainbow KS2 Games 2022. We had ten races and three children took part in each race. They had an egg and spoon race; a sack race which turned into a hopping race; skipping race; and agility race. Everyone tried their best. We then took part in a fun event which was to have sponges and a bucket of water and 2 empty buckets. They had to run to fill up the empty buckets with the sponges. St Meriadoc Junior School won one race and Penponds won one race. They then had five activities set up, mixed the schools together and each had 7 minutes on each station. It was an amazing morning and Penponds School won the event.
June - Science Workshops – Energy Live Show in school for all classes
On Tuesday 21st June, Nerys from the Royal Institution in Bristol came to Penponds School to present science shows for us. In the morning, KS1 and KS2 watched the same show (at different times) all about energy. Nerys showed us some experiments to do with different types of energy. It included: fire, magnets, explosions and very loud noises. In one experiment, Nerys turned a plastic water bottle into a rocket that launched over the room. It was very cool. After lunch, the whole school came together to watch a second show. Some parents were invited to come as well. In that show, Nerys created fire using oxygen, flour and a blow torch. Unfortunately, the fire alarm went off twice! At the end of the show, she propelled many rockets off at once – it was extremely loud! Written by Bella and Freya (Tregonning) 
June - Developing the Rainbow Promise
School councillors from across the Rainbow schools went to a special meeting last week tasked with creating a list of 30 things you will do/experience/achieve in your time at one of our Rainbow Schools. The list was full of wonderful ideas from the children and the final article will be shared soon! Watch this space! Thank you School Councillors: Rights Ambassadors!
June - Science
This week, Trencrom class have been testing and evaluating their catapults. We made it a fair test by using the same ‘canon’ to shoot and by starting at the same place for each new test. We found out that Alfie’s catapult was the best. We think this was because he used lots of lolly sticks to create space for the lever to move. After testing, some children made improvements to their catapults and are ready to test them again.
June - Penponds School Choir
Well done to Penponds School Choir for the fabulous singing at the Barripper Jubilee celebration last Sunday – you were brilliant!
May - Playleaders at CSIA
Mrs Watts and Miss Pearson took 14 children to CSIA on Wednesday to partake in a play leaders course. They were mixed with other children from other schools and had to work as a team. They had to get across a river without leaving any of their team behind. Some found this easier than others. They then had to fit their team into a hoop which was really funny to watch! In the next event they blindfolded two of the team at a time and the leader had to direct them through an assault course. They needed good communication, good listening skills and trust. It was a good event and the children involved were well-behaved, listened to instructions and were an asset to our school.
May - Football Tournament at Trevithick School
On Thursday some children from Trencrom Class attended a football tournament at Trevithick School. They played 3 games against Trevithick, St Meriadoc Juniors and Troon, they drew one and lost 2. They then played a game to decide what postion they would come. They played Troon and won this game and came 5th overall in the tournament. Everyone played really well and worked really hard and more importantly had fun. We were given a medal to present to a child who showed great sportsmanship, good team work and 100% effort – this was given to Mia.
May - Race for Life Event - Message from Kaira (Trencrom Class) and her Mum
Thank you to everyone who donated! Donations are still coming in, we are at £320 and Lloyds bank are going to match it so £640! To a very worthy cause. ❤️❤️
May - RE
Trencrom Class In RE this week, the children in Trencrom class enjoyed getting creative with different art materials to depict the key ideas and symbols of Pentecost.
May - Norway’s National Day
The 17th May was Norway’s National Day. Thank you so much to Elijah and his mum for teaching us all about it. We learnt a lot about the country and how the day is celebrated. We joined in the celebration with some delicious cake too!

May - Plymouth Argyle – Mid and West Cornwall Representative Squad

Congratulations to Elffin and Joel from Year 3 who have both been selected to play for the mid and west Cornwall representative squad for Plymouth Argyle. Elffin and Joel also play for Troon AFC Wolves and went to the Plymouth Community Cup Tournament on Saturday at Home Park and were runners up! Out of 24 teams! They were the best placed team for the whole of Cornwall and bought home our first cup. They played teams from Cornwall, Exeter and Plymouth. Elffin, Joel and their Team Troon Wolves played amazingly. What a great weekend and such an achievement!

May - Fairtrade Logo Competition
Abbie and Zara entered a competition to design a fair trade logo for Camborne and both were awarded runner up certificates. Pasties featured in both designs (!) They enjoyed being creative and thinking about what fairtrade means and have enjoyed their Fairtrade chocolate bar prizes.

May - Newspaper Reporters Recruited at Penponds

Roll up, roll up – get your Penponds newspaper here!  Trencrom and Tregonning Classes are starting their very own newspaper this term.  Some children have been selected to help report on an array of matters, both globally and locally to help create a school newspaper. We are very excited to get this underway!

Reporting Journalists:Maddie, Joel, Orla, Ia, Mia, Annabelle, Kaira, Laurie, Freya B, Ava, Bella, Jasper, Gwyddion, Sophia

Editing team: Griffin, Zabe, Chloe, Jowan, Jayden, Kaiden, Freya D, Isla B, Eadie

May - Rainbow MAT Timestable Rockstars Competition (TTRS)

We took 10 of our budding mathematicians to the Rainbow MAT Timestable Rockstars Competition at St Meriadoc Juniors this week. St Meriadoc, Troon and Penponds competed. Children had to answer as many questions correctly using the TTRS website in the quickest time together. Each school worked together as a team of 10 - from Year 2 - Year 6.

Penponds came second overall and had the highest scoring entrant overall - Freya B, Year 5!  Congratulations to all involved!

May - Camborne Trevithick Day

Thank you to all those that supported Penponds school last weekend for Trevithick Day. It was a fantastic event and lots of fun was had by all! It was so lovely to see, after the missed years due to the pandemic. 23 children represented our school dancing through the streets in traditional dress. All were excellent ambassadors for our school. We were so proud of each and every one of you. It was so lovely to see so many of our school community cheering on our dancers and banner holders!

Rocksteady Music School Came to Town!  - April
We were visited on Wednesday 27th April, to be introduced to the new music lessons being offered to us at Penpond,  by Rocksteady Music School.
We learnt all about the instruments on offer to us to learn - drums, vocals, electric adn bass guitar and keyboard. We were able to have a go with the instruments and were even entertained to a live music rock concert! Within our 45 minute session, the band could already play part of a song. It was incredible!
If you would like to have Rocksteady music lessons, fill in the form sent home for the team to begin the arrangements. Lessons will be in school time on Friday afternoons. All arrangements and payments will be made directly with Rocksteady.
There are bursary and funded placements available too - so please ask us about it!
Check bags for the letter on how to sign up! Let's get music making!

We were delighted to welcome Simon Bailey, international bass-baritone opera singer (and Mrs Bailey's brother-in law) into school today. Simon spoke to children across the school about:  *alternative careers and job opportunities 

*to think outside the box

*to follow their dreams with hard work 

* live out our school vision of 'Aiming High, Achieving Our Best'. 

He shared his own journey of being a boy who grew up in musical family and the love for singing and the stage. He shared how he started out, his education and where he is now, travelling and singing across the world. 

The children also experienced live music and listened to Simon sing, He explored his use of voice and range and took questions from the children.

To find out more about Simon Bailey visit or go and see him currently performing in the Welsh National Opera tour of Don Giovanni - nearest venue to us is Plymouth Theatre Royal Don Giovanni Mozart | WNO

Rainbow Holi Red Nose and Spoon Race We were due to be fundraising like the rest of the country for Comic Relief a few weeks ago, but as so many children and staff were not able to be in school due the Covid-19 outbreak we decided to postpone it to Friday 1st April – we didn’t want so many missing the fun! It was also the Hindu festival of Holi. Many of our children have been learning about Hinduism in their RE lessons and we felt that we would try and mark both events together. Holi is the festival of love, colours and spring and it is traditionally celebrated by people getting very colourful by throwing powder paint and getting very messy and colourful! The One Show took part in the Red Nose and Spoon Race Challenge and we felt that we could do our own version in school and link it to learning about Holi too.
Trencrom and Tregonning classes have worked together to form great reading partners.
In Trencrom class last week, we have followed up our school trip last week by planting our own crops.
March – Royal Cornwall Showground Trip
We went to the Royal Cornwall Showground. First we went on the bus and we were so excited. When we got there we waited, then we got off and went into groups. First we looked at the machine that wrapped up hay. Then we looked at how to make milk. We saw a big machine that was like a combine harvester but it was called a forest harvester. Then we went to pet the milky white cows and we saw the fluffy sheep and the young, adorable lambs. We milked cows but not real cows. They were made from cardboard. After that, we tasted milk. There was green, blue, and red milk. We made butter and had lunch. Penultimately, we had fluffy, creamy Cornish ice-cream. Yum yum! After that, we made plant balls and made notes to save the planet. Then we spoke to the Cornish beach cleaners. Finally we went home. It took so long and we were exhausted. We had an epic, excellent, time. By Kaira, Emily R and Lily. Trencrom class.
February - NSPCC Number Day!
Today we all came in dressed up for the NSPCC Number Day event to help raise money for the NSPCC. We had an extra-special fun day of Maths activities. Thank you everyone for taking part and so far we have raised £52. If you haven’t done so already please donate £1 for you child on Parentpay. Much appreciated.
February - Map making
In geography, we have been making sketch maps and including a key. We made our own sketch maps of the local area as we explored Penponds and Barripper.
February: Market Research in Trencrom Class
We have had another busy week in Trencrom class. In DT, we have been doing some ‘market research’ in preparation for designing and making our own healthy drink. We noted the look, texture, taste, price and nutritious value of a variety of drinks available in the supermarket.
January - Healthy Eating Workshop
It is so nice to have positive feedback about our children from visitors in school. On Tuesday, Trencrom class took part in a healthy eating workshop to consolidate their learning in class. Please read the email that we received: Good afternoon, It was a pleasure today to visit and carry out a workshop with the Children, please find below a quick summary of today’s session; Fit Food (snack bars) workshop- I spoke to the children about heathy snack options and the importance of carbohydrates for slow release energy and how we need fibre in our bodies to aid digestion. We also spoke about healthier swops with bread and cereals and how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the children were very engaging. We then split into groups and created our own heathy snack bars, the children choose what shape to make and the name of the snack. The children all tried something new and enjoyed eating their snacks!

January - CSIA Sports Alliance Cross-Country Event

This morning some of our Year 3,4,5 and 6 children took part in a Cross-Country Sports Alliance Qualifier event.  All competitors ran extremely well and were a credit to the school with their excellent attitude and behavior.  Well done to all the runner but especially to Mia and Lily who won their races.

January - Tour of Britain – Land Art

Today we had a certificate presented to us by the mayor and some members of the council for the land art that we created for the Tour of Britain back in September.  We achieved highly commended out of all the pieces of work across the country.

December - End of Topic Celebration of Learning
Click the picture below to see our Flip Book celebrating our learning about The Exciting Egyptians.
December - Boating on the Nile
Trencrom Class found out how boats are used on the River Nile, for transport and trade. We learnt about boats made from papyrus reeds that are still used on the Nile today. We had a go at making our own boats and we tested them on water to see how much cargo they could hold.
December - Advent and Christingles
Trencrom and Tregonning Classes have been busy decorating the school Christmas tree, making Christingles and preparing for Christmas. Many thanks to Olive Stevens for providing everything that we needed for our Christingle making.

November - ‘Window Wanderland’

Camborne Town Council sent Penponds School a lovely message of thanks for our contribution to Camborne’s first ‘Window Wanderland’.  They said our art work was fantastic and made the JoJangles shop glow with beautiful colours for the event.  Well done all classes for taking part.

BBC Children in Need

Today we celebrated Children in Need.  This year’s theme was “Together We Can”.  To mark this Penponds School children came to school dressed in certain colours of the rainbow.  Each Year group was allocated a colour.

Year 6 Red

Year 5 Orange

Year 4 Yellow

Year 3 Green

Year 2 Blue

Year 1 Indigo

Reception Violet/Pink


We created a whole school rainbow to share - “Together We Can”.  Thank you for all your donations to Children in need.  We have raised £52 today.  If you would like to donate please pay £1 on Parentpay.

School Council
We wrote our speeches, delivered them and voted democratically for our new school councillors.
They are:
Year 3: Zara
Year 4: Kaira
Well done to everyone who put their names forward.
Trencrom and Tregonning classes spent the day at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro. As if a first trip in two years wasn’t exciting enough, we travelled by double decker bus! In the morning, one class looked around the museum while the other attended a workshop; in the afternoon we swapped around. Trencrom class are learning about Ancient Egypt. As well as seeing and handling lots of Egyptian artefacts, we even saw a real mummy! We roleplayed the mummification process and we sketched artefacts on papyrus reed, which is what the Egyptians used as paper. We hope to paint and gild the sketches in school next week to create a really authentic Egyptian picture.
In RE we looked at classical artwork depicting God in various forms, then we had a go at making our own works of art.
Here is the reading spine for Trencrom class. These books will help to aid your child's learning throughout their time in Trencrom.